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November 2nd 2002, Z7, Pratteln "battle of metal" contest.

June 21st 2002, Place des Grottes, music feasts.

May 24th 2002, "le MaD" in Geneva, final of the SIG contest.

March 15th 2002, at L'Usine, Geneva.

November 3rd 2001, "recording festival", interface theater, Sion, Valais.

September 22nd 2001, "Charrock festival", Charrat, Valais.

June 23rd 2001, "Feast of music", Geneva.

May 5th 2001, "2nd Metal night", Loisin (F).

March 25th 2001, Unplugged live radio perfomance on RSR la 1ère.

January 20th 2001, "Salle du Grand-Vennes", Lausanne.

December 8th 2000, "Le Ned", Montreux.

December 1st 2000, "L'Amalgame", Yverdon.

August 18th 2000, "Le bateau Genève", Geneva.

June 16th 2000, "Music Festival - l'Usine", Geneva.

October 30th 1999, "Metal Night", Loisin, France.

August 7th 1999, "Beer Garden Festival", Vevey.

July 28th 1999, "Cinelac", Geneva, before the movie "Grease".

June 26th 1999, "Le pygmée", Artamis, Geneva.

June 20th 1999, "Le chat noir", Geneva, outside unplugged performance.

May 11th 1999, "Le chat noir", Geneva.

March 19th 1999, "Transit Festival - L'Usine", Geneva.

March 6th 1999, "Undertown", Geneva.

August 8th 1998, "One FM" podium, Geneva.

June 21nd 1998, "Jardin Anglais", Geneva.

July 12th 1997, "Théatre de Dardagny", Geneva