Waiting for

The story :

In the beginning of 1999, the band decides to realise a promotional single disk. We enter in studio in March, at "The Park", Nyon, who co-produces it. "Waiting for", the main title had first been adapted to the radio format. Actually the original version was much longer with more progressive themes. The final version is powerful, efficient, short and technically superb. However we can't really feel the band's soul in it anymore...

"Sweet strings", the "B-side" is a very smooth adaptation of "Angel smile", main title of the band, reduced to its purest expression : a soft clean guitar, whispering vocals and some "guitar tears", very far behind. For romantic and sensitive people.

This single disc features Emanuel Clivaz (guitars), David Perrelet (vocals), Claude Salvador (keyboards), Arnaud Neri (bass) and Alain Mortier (drums).

Nb Title MP3 REAL
1. Waiting for
2. Sweet strings